Who we are


To play a leading role in increasing employment
opportunities in Uganda.


To actively source and secure external employment for
majority of the youth of Uganda that is unemployed
within the country


Maintaining ethical standards and professionalism.
Promoting unity, development and welfare of

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To organize and unite all companies licensed under
the labour externalization programme to operate
under one umbrella and speak with one voice for
strengthening the sector

To ensure protection of migrant workers, and
observation of their human rights and welfare in
accordance with the international labour standards.
3. To self regulate, ensure adherence to the code of
conduct, laws, regulations and guidelines set by the
ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development

To ensure transparency, build confidence in the public
and make the business attractive and sustainable. The mandate of the association is therefore on labour migration

UAERA Members As of February 2020
Ugandans current working in the Middle East
Million Dollars remitted annually
Bilateral agreements signed

About us

The Uganda Association of External Recruitment Agencies (UAERA) started in 2013. Currently it has a membership of 186 members as per 29th February 2020. We are an umbrella of agencies professionally
working together to spur growth of external recruitment in Uganda. UAERA regulates and monitors the activities of member agencies together with Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, which is our regulating body that ensures every company is licensed to externalize labour.
Our member agencies source job opportunities from all over the world. The major destination countries are in the Middle East, where the economies are sustainable and therefore creating jobs.

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