UAERA Board meets with Department of National Economy Under Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development

Our team meeting with the department of National Economy today at MOFPED Board.

Today, our Board held a meeting with the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development (MOFPED) and the department of National economy under MOFPED together with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) team that handles policy.

The following have been the outcomes of the discussions:
1) We explained the recruitment process and the industry at large.

2) Migrant workers from mainly the Middle East have run into problems including overstay of visas,inability to pay for tickets and or the quarantine costs,food and accommodation in the destination country coupled with the covid tests.

3) We have called upon government support to be extended to these persons to return in the shortest time possible to avoid any calamities.
We promise to update you more on the various engagements we are holding with stakeholders to streamline this industry.


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